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About NA Call Matrix

Company Profile

Our mission is to deliver innovative billing solutions to support our clients' growth and success through our industry knowledge, commitment to flexibility, and unparalleled customer service.

The NA Call Matrix web site service provides partners and callers with information and data about their long distance calls. The service is provided using a web-based utility which accesses a number of applications, drawing data from our secure database engines and pre-formatting them into detailed information reports. Users will simply log into their database and generate the needed information reports. NA Call Matrix is a partner of NA Operator Calling Services and associated with the CanTalk family of companies.

NA Call Matrix Services

NA Call Matrix and its family of companies, offer full service on line telecom billing and collection services through the local phone bill, credit card bills, and online billing. Now, you can outsource this business function to a company whose focus is completely billing and collection services allowing your resources to focus on marketing and sales.

We have the call center technology and billing arrangements in place to enable our clients to bill consumers through their phone bills, credit cards and calling cards. By providing your customers a secure, simple, and convenient payment method, we'll enhance your collection success and bottom line results. Now you can reach consumers who want more than credit card payment methods for their telecommunication and related services. The NA Call Matrix service package includes:

  • Direct Phone Billing
  • Business Billing and Payment
  • Fraud Control
  • Customer Care Inquiry
  • Full language support in over 110 global languages


NA Call Matrix will work with your team to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from our services. We have an experienced team of telecommunication engineers, IT systems people, billing systems, and business process analysts who can assist you in identifying your exact requirements and then custom build a solution.

Telecommunications is a global business and NA Call Matrix is enabled to measure up with its team of language application experts, interpreters and translators. Expand your market reach quickly and affordably through NA Call Matrix and its family companies.

Training and Education

NA Call Matrix will work with your team to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the use of the NA Call Matrix data. We can do this through direct on site courses and live telephone support. We have an excellent support facility to provide your team with the assistance they need to maximize your bottom line.


Security and privacy of information of your private call inventory is paramount to a business' success. At NA Call Matrix, we have implemented high level on site security and data encryption to meet the demanding security needs of today's business environment. Your call inventory data is safe in our data warehouse and in transport to your IS infrastructure. We use Verisign certificate services and encrypt data at the 128-bit level of security.

Customer Service

Our family of companies operates a multi-language state of the art customer service center from which we deliver exceptional customer support and service. Language is no problem as we deliver service in over 110 languages and dialects. Our clients receive the benefit of multiple global call centers without bearing the high overhead costs. Our dedicated teams of representatives are trained to understand our clients' services and handle all inquiries professionally. We work with our clients so that the right quality of support is delivered to their customers.



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